how can citizens engage?

We’re still working on this chapter. The idea is to provide some ideas about how citizens can get involved in the creating and re-creating of urban spaces. Also to explain what it means for a city to be open and to give some examples that others can build on.

For now you can download a copy of the Mile-End Citizen’s Committee report on the area in which the Roerich Garden is located. We’ll write more about this — basically they did a series of Cafe Citoyens and a full-day Forum Citoyen. So it was well-orchestrated participatory process. The borough mayor attended and supported. But I don’t think folks from the main city government did. What I still don’t understand — and I think we need to document this — is how the Montreal decision-making process works. The report was submitted to the borough mayor. But what next. We need to do more than simply provide feedback that can be ignored.


Christine is obsessed with community, collaboration, and technology. For the last ten years she has worked with nonprofits, university research centres, and international development projects — helping them to get organized and tell their story. Christine also has a thing for books: in 2009 she founded Artefatica, an open publishing project. She writes about things open, delicious, and participatory at Facilitating Change and is involved with Station C, Montreal's first co-working space.

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