Emily Rose Michaud an opening for démocratie participative


Owning’ land is a myth. Ownership of part of the earth’s crust is really no more than leasing, with the option to sell the lease. Expropriation is always possible, by an act of government, or an act of violence.

— From An Acre of Time, Phil Jenkins, p.185

The field can be seen as a metaphor for what is now occurring in our economy. It is a symbol of the clash of values between development, nature, and culture.

Perhaps the field — as a metaphor for wilderness in our lives — allows us to better understand our own untamed fringes. The field has a life of its own that doesn’t belong to anyone, and it cannot be bought or sold.

This wildness belongs to all of us, and is our birthright. Although it is at risk of being removed, dug up, carted away, and built over, its value is priceless to many. The life we seek there is one that is above all, free to exist as it is.

Emily Rose Michaud

Emily Rose Michaud is an artist and activist working at the intersections of community development, civic participation, and urban ecology. In recent years, her experimental, participatory, and socially driven approach has resulted in a series of performances incorporating living ‘sproutfits’, a guerilla gardener’s ensemble, an electronic book designed to be reproduced and remixed by others, and the Roerich Garden Project, a three-year land art project in a post-industrial railyard turned urban meadow.

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