montreal permaculture guild

The Montreal Permaculture Guild is an active group dedicated to learning about, promoting and practicing sustainable living, inspired by Permaculture principles, in and around Montreal.

We are quickly becoming a centre of education, of resource- and skill-sharing, a gathering place for energy, ideas, and motivation. As an urban-based group, we are particularly interested in researching, developing and promoting earth-regenerating practices that are suited for Montreal’s unique environment. We seek to empower people to make their communities as self-sufficient as possible, so that they are better able to provide adequate food, water, energy, and waste-management systems, as we enter an era of declining resources.

We work with the Montreal Urban Community Sustainment project (, providing fresh produce for their dining coop and offering weekly classes and workshops on urban sustainability based on Permaculture principles. Check out our web site for current events or contact us at

Montreal Permaculture Guild

La Guilde de permaculture de Montréal, inspirée par les principes de la permaculture, cherche à avancer la durabilité environnementale et sociale par le partage de connaissances et l'apprentissage pratique. Nous tenons des ateliers hebdomadaires et maintenons un site de démonstration de jardinage urbain chez MUCS ( The Montreal's permaculture Guild, inspired by Permaculture principles, seeks to further environmental and social sustainability through practical learning and skill-sharing. We offer weekly workshops and maintain an urban garden demonstration site at MUCS (

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