Sara Torrie a theory of weeds as catalysts for social change

So here we are, alive and finding our way, on a planet where, for the most part, humans are wrestling and fighting with all life forms…other humans, plants, animals, oceans, and the earth itself. I am not here to advocate that we should never cut down trees, use machinery to turn and move soil, or kill any creatures. I am saying that the way we are in relation with the world around us is much like wrestling. I am advocating for a different, more appreciative way of life that makes wrestling appear backwards and evolutionarily-regressive. So, I’ve created A Theory of Weeds as Catalysts for Social Change.

As with most things, weeds have names, and when you put a name to a face, it adds a layer or two of recognition and understanding that wasn’t there before. Similar to getting to know a new human in your life, learning the name is just the starting point. The possibility of discovering new things within the world of plants, and in this case weeds, is very real and somewhat inevitable. If you learn of a new plant that is edible, highly nutritious and growing all over your garden or lawn, it might evoke a different response in you than the usual disdaining frown (or consequent wrestle with it from its growing place). You might consider carefully harvesting it to be a special ingredient for your dinner party or for tea in the winter.

The seasons begin to take on significance in a new way. You may start to look forward to the appearance of stinging nettle in the spring and purslane in the height of summer. What starts as a simple identification exercise can evolve into a new way of relating to what is happening right around you. The weeds offer this, for free, and virtually everywhere. I’ve had enough with you-gotta-buy-your-way-to-freedom and you-gotta-have-someone-save-you bullshit. The revolution of heart and mind, individually and collectively, is inside all of us like a seed and cannot be had for money. To extend the metaphor of the weeds a little further, I could say the soil of our selves needs turning. Movement within is necessary in order for what is lying dormant to grow and nourish us. A theory of weeds as catalysts for social change is for you to help yourself to superior nutrition found right under your nose. Watch for what happens. High five to the weeds !

Sara Torrie

Perpetually distracted towards dreaming with current intention to ground and make real one or two of the bigger ideas (cause there is only so much time in this beating heart), Sara Torrie is found at present in the metropolis of Toronto, experimenting with trusting the notion that everything she needs is all around her. The Mile End meadow is one of her favourite places.

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