Emily Rose Michaud an opening for communauté

What does sense of place mean to modern folks rooted in the city? Why are places like this important? The following passages will explore these meanings.

Strains of wildflower seeds have train hopped and travelled to this island from as far west as the prairies. The field is a host to many non-human lives; their silent and watchful numbers are powerful and rich. Neighbouring the field is the Carmelite nun’s residence, still in use. While learning about the site, city maps revealed to me that the Carmelite property is surrounded by a vast protected zone. This area is governed by Heritage Canada’s conditions regarding the way developments proceed. Within the perimeters of this zone lies the meadow. It is one of the last undeveloped pieces of land in the Plateau-Mont-Royal. This vacant meadow is highly used and valued by the community for the natural refuge that it provides. It is a community centre open to the sky. People meet here, memories form, life breathes and changes.

Emily Rose Michaud

Emily Rose Michaud is an artist and activist working at the intersections of community development, civic participation, and urban ecology. In recent years, her experimental, participatory, and socially driven approach has resulted in a series of performances incorporating living ‘sproutfits’, a guerilla gardener’s ensemble, an electronic book designed to be reproduced and remixed by others, and the Roerich Garden Project, a three-year land art project in a post-industrial railyard turned urban meadow.

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