Maialotzova community mapping project

I was inspired to do the community mapping project because so many wild, urban, green spaces are under threat of development. I devised the Green Dream community mapping project because I felt that it was important to bring attention to these areas and to make them visible all in one place. I wanted to capture not just the geographic coordinates of the spaces but also the invisible layer of our connection to them.

The most important aspect to this project is in listening to the space. When people contribute to a community map they are asked to spend time in it, listening and observing. This way, they allow their reflections, visions,   and responses towards the space to organically emerge.

When people came to Le Champ des Possibles (Maguire Meadow), they were asked to spend ten to fifteen minutes in the space observing. After, they were asked to draw or write a reflection they had of the field. Myself and two other photographers took a picture of each person, along with their reflections, which were then embedded into a Google map. The map can be seen online here:

I feel that the collection of pictures that were taken speak for themselves, and I hope that they reflect the magic that I feel when I walk into this space. You can see the collection of portraits and people’s reflections here:

Thanks to my two volunteers for that day: Wayne Egers and Natalie Wiseman.


I would best describe myself as a film poet. I am drawn to the chaotic wild beauty of nature, and am saddened by our inability to relate to that beauty resulting in its constant destruction. I explored this theme in my first documentary film Grass Through Concrete (c.2004, 72 min). My current project Green Dream, takes me from contemplating green space destruction to love. The film will be released in 2011.

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